5 Tips to keep your home safe while you are away!

When it comes about home security, we all know the basic rules for not attracting thieves to our home like pick up the newspapers, keep the bushes short and so forth. But what else can we do to discourage home intruders?

Here are some ways to ward off intruders and keep your house safe.

Watch what you post online
Despite the availability of privacy settings, nothing is 100% private on the Internet. So, never post your vacation updates on social media such as facebook, instagram, twitter etc. It’s better to wait until you’re back from your journey.
Check your doors and windows
Always make sure that the doors and windows of your house are locked properly. Ensure that the door should be either solid wood or metal, so it holds.
Store valuables in less-obvious places
Remember, thieves want to be in and out of a house as quickly as possible. The first places they check for valuables are bedrooms and bathrooms. So, make sure you store your valuables in less-conspicuous places. You may get a heavy, fireproof home safe bolted in the floor to hide your valuables.
Secure your important papers and photos
While a bunch of paperwork may not seem as alluring to burglars as electronics, money or jewelry but it is recommended to take precautions. Take digital photos of your valuables, record the serial numbers and store information in a pen drive, perhaps at an offsite location such as in a locker. Lock up your bank statements, will, bills, passports, in a cabinet. Keep the key in another discreet location in your home.
Think like a thief
Go to your veranda and look through the window. Do you see your iPad on the couch or an expensive watch lying on the table? So can other people. Make sure you keep your curtains closed and shift valuables away from public view. Also, do not forget to keep your child’s cycle, strollers etc. in the shed.

However, you can get rid of all worries whether you are at home or away. Install Safeguard India’s security and alarm system and get protection from fire, intrusion, medical emergencies & gas leak.

Safeguard India Home Pvt. Ltd. is an alarm company that deals in ‘Home Security Products & Monitoring Services’. Safeguard India is the only company in India to offer a state-of-the-art security and alarm systems. Our unique products not only secure the entry/critical points of the house/business establishment but also protect them against theft, fire and medical emergency.


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