Kitchen Fire Safety

Here are some kitchen safety tips to keep your family and your home safe.

Test Your Smoke Alarms
It is always recommended to check and test the smoke detectors installed in your home at regular intervals of time. Always ensure that your smoke and fire alarms are working properly, so that you can be alerted immediately in case of a fire.

Keep a Fire Extinguisher Handy
Make sure that there is a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. A handy fire extinguisher could stop a fire before it can spread. However, be sure that the fire extinguisher is safe to use in the kitchen fire before utilizing.

Stay In the Kitchen
When you are cooking in the kitchen, try not to leave the place. You can easily get distracted entertaining your loved ones, but it is very important to keep an eye on everything being prepared in the kitchen.

Don’t go away from Your Home
Many people think that it is okay to make a quick run to the nearby market while the food is in the oven, but this should not be done. Anything could happen anytime, so it is essential to be home all the time to overcome such disasters.

Keep Kids Out Of the Kitchen
Keep your children outside kitchen to avoid any burns or injuries.

Be careful of Stove Placement
Make sure that handles of pans and other utensils are towards the back of the stove. Do not keep towels or clothes near open flames as it may easily catch fire and lead to something very disastrous.

If a fire does occur,

• Call the fire station immediately.
• Use baking soda to put out any other food fires.
• If an oven is the cause of the fire, make sure to keep the oven door closed and turn off the heat to repress the flames.
• Do not use water or flour to put out any cooking fire as they could have a violent reaction to the grease and cause the fire to spread and become worse.

Make sure that you are always cautious and alert when cooking in the kitchen.

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